Hailwood Fairing Bracket & Neutral light

has anyone got any idea’s where I can get hold of the top fairing bracket for a 1981 Hailwood rep any condition accepted (almost)
Its the one that goes from the head stock to both sides of the fairing,
I’m also short of a Nuetral or gplain green light from the panel between the clocks.
Any help will be much appriciated I’ve been trwling through ebay for months with no success.

A tough one, have you tried any of the usual bevel people ?? I am sure you can get sorted out somewhere.

Don’t know about the fairing bracket, but the rectangular idiot lights are getting hard to get hold of, try Andy at Mdina Italia, and or Ebay, if you can find some dud ones, you can rebuild them with new lamps if you’re careful.

Thanks Kevin
Managed to get the fairing bracket from Andy at Mdina Italia, he was very helpfull but still looking for the idiot lights.