Hailwood Replica

Could any of the knowledgeable people out there give me a ball park figure to purchase:

A 1982 MHR 900 in very good unrestored condition,virtually as standard, approx 17k kilometers on clock(genuine)
no mot or service history but I believe everything is in working order.

Your thoughts appreciated


I’ll start the ball rolling. Prices on the 900SS and MHRs have been moving up for some time and I believe that £8k to £10k is somewhere around the going rate but let’s hope a few others can confirm or deny that figure. Problem is, as I’m sure you know, people are holding on to these bikes so not many are hitting the market which makes pricing a tricky business.

Yes, I agree I think £8-10K is the going rate, as Graham say’s it a bit difficult to gauge, depends on the condition?
As usual it’s all down to supply & demand, they’re not in great supply so prices have risen over the last few years, nice Darmahs are making £5-6k!
One thing is important though, make sure the engine is OK, a full re-build can cost anything from £5,000 - £7,500 :astonished: ?