New to Ducati’s, however my bike has a a low speed handling issue (in my opinion) At slow speed leaning for junction corner, the handlebars turn to the direction of lean. I have checked the obvious, and replaced the front wheel bearings, even re-built the brake calipers. Head bearings are fine and front to rear wheel alignment looks good. This problem disapears over 35mph (I know dont go below 35) however the bike is a pig around town, Give the machine the message and handling is streight line and rock solid. I am starting to run out of ideas, I have thought of changing tyres, I do not know what age the tyres are but tread is very good, albeit both look as though they have been on the motorway / streight line for a while. Anybody had similar issues

                      Regards Homer 2002 ST2  19K miles

Could be the tyres. Continental Road Attack are v good on STs. Also worth checking if po raised the forks in the clamps or increased ride height.

Thanks for that, I will take a good looksee

sounds like tyres to me too, especially if they have squared off in the centres. although that would be felt when turning in on corners.
tyre pressures are ok i take it?

It looks as though I will bite the bullet and get the new tyres, I have checked the Fork settings and everything is as per manual, hower I cannot find any reference to changing the ride height. I am assuming that the stansions are moved within the yokes to adjust? Looking at my stanchions, I cannot see any witnes marks to indicate that they have been moved. One other anomaly is that the manual states that rebound can be adjusted by inserting a screwdriver through the axel and adjust. My forks do not have a screwdriver slot, but are fitted with allen bolts, and they are certainly not adjusting anything.

                                      Regards H

For what it’s worth I still get the same feeling on my 750SS, regardless of what tyres have been fitted. The tendency to “drop into” corners at lower speeds is something I have just got used to, and now I just counter this by placing more weight on the “inside” handlebar. Very different (but nonetheless very satisfying) to the handling of my previous Honda and a string of Nortons!

Ride height is adjusted via the tie rod to the left of the rear shock. From memory there should be about 5mm of thread at the top and bottom. The tie rod often sizes solid, making adjustment a challenge. An easy way to check if the ride height has been raised its to put the bike on the centre stand and see how much clearance there is between the rear tyre and the ground; this should be approximately 2 cms.
Regarding the front forks, the top should be flush with the top of the top yoke.
To adjust compression there is a hole in the front axle that needs to be aligned to enable the insertion of a screwdriver. Loosen the pinch bolts and the axle nut, align the axle, nip the pinch bolts on the right stanchion, tighten the nut, tighten both sets of pinch bolts.

Thanks for all of your sugestions. Bit the bullet on Tuesday and had a pair of MICHILIN POWER tyres fitted. The handling issue has gone away, and I am reeping the benifits of being fitted to a Ducati. Paul at West Wales Motorcycles said that he had never ridden anything that handled quite so bad. Anyway all sorted now hoping for some decent wether so I can use the machine. Aberdare Park mid July.