Happy new year everyone.

Hope you enjoy your new years night celebrations. I’m off to work to fix trains (and no extra money as its not a bank holiday when I book on!) so I will raise a cup of tea to your health at the alloted hour!

Keef :smiley:

Hi Keith,
Thanks for that and a Happy New Year to all of the club members from Ness and myself!

Ness says that since you’re such a train fancying sad twat, she’s sure that you probably volunteered for this shift??? As it probably involves some peace ‘N’ quite and some ‘ME’ time…
I of course just raised my eyebrows when she uttered these words, they may state that they love us but they’ll never understand our hobbies.

Steve R The real slimmer Southern deal and not the old fatty Northern Steve R…

Is that the fat Steve R who keeps getting best bevel at DOCGB events LOL

Happy new year to all our members

And a Happy New Year to you all from the snow covered Black Country!

and a belated one from worcestershire that no longer has any snow.