Harris Ducati Picture help

Hi all. I’m selling my old Harris Alloy frame kit on Ebay and a few people have asked for pictures of it built up. guess what, my little album with all the pictures of it finished (1998!) has dissapeared. If anyone here has a picture of it please send a copy asap, ta,


cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? … :MESELX:IT

BTW This is all part of “plan a” to raise enough money to re build our outfit powered by Ducati instead of that nasty Japanese thing it has at the moment, The Tricolore 600M, and the 450RT are all schelduled to be victims of the axe, as outfits are not cheap to build!

Looks good Keith, a great project for someone, good luck.

Its had a bid- nothing for the monster frame yet though! Still the way its going I might be able to see the back of my workshop soon!

If I had the cash I would have it to turn it into something a bit special, just finances too tight at the moment, don’t give the bloody thing away though, get it in storage.

Got £850 for it in the end. Well I have in thoery, he is coming on Friday. I suppose its a fair price really- I just cringe at how much I spent on it in the first place!

Next to go is our Tricolore 600M, which naturaly this is not an advert for, its just for your interest!

flickr.com/photos/26235870@N … 687538258/