Heavy Clutch - Monster 800


A friend of mine has a Monster 800 and she finds the clutch to be very heavy. It is a shame as she loves the bike but due to this problem cannot ride it for long before her hand is sore.

Any suggestions on the best way to make the clutch feel lighter?



Easiest thing is to take 2 springs off, at 180 degrees from each other. It’s unlikely to cause slip, but if it does the next stage is to change the master and/or slave cylinders.

The minus two springs works, after that I’d fit a 30% lighter pull slave cylinder.
These work very well:-
ebay.co.uk/itm/Clutch-slave- … 5d3acf57c8

But you could buy her a tennis ball so she can walk around/sit about squeezing it too build up her strength, an old Ducati Bevel racers dodge/practice.
When you hand her the ball you could tell her to “Man Up”. :wink:

Steve R

oderon slave cylinder or similar.
much better than stock one.

The 800 is a wet clutch and is pretty light but subjectively to others, I would see how big her hand is and see if the span is an issue, maybe new levers ??

Ha Ha Brave talk from a Distance MrR. Man up.

Might try the tennis ball trick as the suns out and bevel wants a run.

I passed on both the useful technical suggestions as well as the slightly less useful ones.

My friend said she is grateful for the suggestions but added that although she would love to “man up” it would be difficult since she is a girl :wink:

I will try the Oberon slave cylinder and let you know how she gets on with it.