Hello... Another Newbie

Hello one and all.

So thought it was only right to pop on here and make an introducation. My Name is Sean Good, and I am an alcoholic… DOH wrong group. I am new to this forum, although I suppose it is a little misleading because i am not new to Ducati, or indeed the DOC. For some unknown apparent oversight I have simply just never been on this forum. So for those of you that know me from (Dare I say it) Ducatisti / Ducati Sporting Club / UK Monster Owners Club / OR Ducati MS… Hello Again.

So I look forward to the chat, banter, and all round fun of this site. Speak to you all again soon

Hello there, welcome to the forum, see you at Bristol.
You might find it a bit quiet compared to ducatisti.

howdoo and welcome, kevins right. tis a bit quieter here than ducatisti, good though :smiley: