Hello Everybody

Thought I’d better say hello, tell you a bit about me and ask some questions about this new “world” I’ve entered.
I’ve had my Hyperstrada just over two weeks now. Run it in, had it’s service and been to Edinburgh.
I have spent the last 6 years on Triumphs, Tiger 1050-lovely, Tiger 800-didn’t engage with it in 2 and half years.
The Hyper is my first Ducati and my second Italian bike- Garelli Tiger Cross 1975.
I had been looking at changing the Tiger 800 for about a year and was attracted to the KTM SMT, then along came the Hyperstrada. A morning spent on a demo and the deal was done. I loved it and very importantly so did my wife. The first thing she said was that she felt part of it rather than just perched on it. We are not big tourers, we just do the odd night or two away and the concept of easy on and off luggage is ideal.
One thing I find lacking in the owners manual is info on basics like chain tension (and no spanner) along with torque settings for the axle pinch bolts and other things like caliper bolts and engine mounts(for when I fitted R&G crash bungs). I’m not a great mechanic but I do like to look after the day to day things.

This bike is great and has restored the daft grin on my face that was missing for the last 2 and a half years!

Welcome to Ducati ownership, home of big grins! Pleased to hear that you’re enjoying your Hyperstrada :slight_smile:

Hello Marky.
Ducati don’t give the torque settings out for the Multistrada in the owner manual either, there should be a C spanner in the toolkit though, ask your dealer for the settings and where the C spanner is.