Hello eveyrone

Im new to the site and as I have just dragged a 1982 Pantah out of the garage after I crashed it a while ago . . . . . . . in 1985 actually,
I thought id better introduce myself and ask my first question, as it looks like its im going to be spending lots of time money on a rebuild/renovation.

What shop/outlet do I head for all the bits im going to need ?? (First things that spring to mind are, well centre stand springs actually etc etc etc etc)

Thanks all


Welcome to the forum.

I completed the restoration of my 1982 Pantah a year or so ago. You can see the before and after pics http://ducatiownersclubgb.com/2008forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=2009

I sourced parts from all over the world via the Internet. I never found a single source of parts - what some had others didn’t. I also found big differences in prices even when you allow for postage from international sellers. It is definitely worth spending time doing careful research before buying.

You might find these useful as I used them all

Mdina Italia - http://www.mdinaitalia.co.uk/index.html

Loudbike - http://www.loudbikestore.com

Road and Race - http://www.roadandrace.com.au

Good luck with your project - please post pictures



Hi, and welcome to the forum from me. You can always request items via ‘Panigale Parts’ in Desmo (free adverts for DOC GB members) - although I’m sure that the details Steve has posted will help you enormously.

Thanks very much guys

I will try and post pictures on here of the project (For and aft)


excellent! Look forward to seeing pics.