Hello from a new registrant

I pick my first Ducati up on Saturday - I have hired a van since this bike was last taxed in 1993. I took pictures when I went to look at it but my hands were shaking and it was behind another bike. I know that it was first registered in January 1980 and it is, so far as I can tell, a red whale-tail SD900 Darmah, but whether that is actually what it is I won’t know until I get a better look. The clocks and headlamp brackets are aftermarket cafe-chrome doodads and a side-panel is missing and I have no idea about it at all, so yes, I disobeyed all the rules of bike buying but I trust that global kharma is on my side, after all I first rode a Ducati that belonged to a mate on the Island in '79 so there’s a bit of symmetry there - And I have always wanted one and it did ask me to save it and it is an investment…(most over-used and innaccurate bike-buying excuse ever - I can categorically say that I have never made money on a bike, ever - but that isn’t the point)
Long story short, prepare yourselves for stupid questions in abundance.

Ha HA, look forward to reading the questions, people far better than me will answer all your questions, welcome !!

Hi well done nice buy, I hope. A proper Ducati. Get some pictures on and we will check it out. I use that one all the time. Pension funds are a rip off so buying a Ducati makes lot more sense. That is what I tell the her who should be obeyed. Had to extend the garage last year. where you based.

I live in Cleckheaton, famous for big pussies (Panther motorcycles) and the Luddites.

Hello and welcome.
Nice choice, hopefully it doesn’t require too much work, the engines are not cheap to rebuild, but they are worth doing as prices just keep going up.
If you need any work doing, your nearest is Paul Klatkiewicz (Ducati Technical Services) in Wakefield, he’s not cheap (non of them are) but he is a good engineer, and a nice bloke.
If you’ve got any questions just fire away.

New branch started first Monday of the month, a bit of a trek to Nelson but it is your closest at the moment