Hello from a returning member

Well, hello everyone, i’ve finally managed to get another Ducati, a stunning 1098s which is a dream to ride and own!

I previously had a 749s which I loved, yet as my 1st bike, really wasn’t the ideal one to start with!

So having rejoined the club and getting my head back into Ducati ownership one thing that has come up is one of the niggily issues I had with my previous one…battery power when left alone for a week!!!

I don’t have power in my garage and having come back after being away for a week I have tried to start it and it doesn’t “catch” and fire up into life! I have charged the battery after getting it out from behind the numerous fairing bolts and even managed to jump it from a spare Honda battery I have. I’ve set up a trickle charger on the roof and connected through to an Optimate lead today so hope that’ll sort the problem.

Is this going to be a recurring issue for me as I would’ve thought the “newer” bikes wouldn’t suffer from this issue?

Also, where is the local meet for members based in Surrey (Walton-On-Thames) area please?

Anyway it’s not going to put me off owning the best bike in the world (IMHO)!!!


Hi Kevin

Who is this West Miss? is she available to all members? does Tracy know?


Hi Cornish, and welcome (again) to the DOC GB!
Surrey branch has merged with Sussex and Hampshire, curently not very active. Try Brian Silver’s branch, Berkshire & Oxfordshire, lunchtime, 1st Saturday of the month, Four Horse Shoes, Main Street, Checkendon, Reading RG8 0QS

Mmmm… sounds nice, bloody Andriod keyboard!

Desmo, thanks for the heads up, i’ll certainly try and get there for one.

How come the Sussex & Hampshire isn’t very active then? :cry:


I have split out the technical questions re charging to the “Technical Help” Forum so please respond there if it is a response to the technical question



Steve, thanks for popping it up on there.