Hello from Central Scotland

Hello everyone.

I signed up for the forum a few days ago but have only just noticed this Introductions board.

Between my wife and I, we’ve owned a few Ducatis over that last 20 years. Her '78 Darmah was the first (sadly since sold) followed by my '94 Monster 600 (which I still have). I recently sold my 998, which I had planned to keep forever but unfortunately plans changed. Last year I bought a '15 Diavel Carbon Red which I absolutely love and I hope to enjoy for a few years to come.

Hello monster_998,
welcome to the forum. Hope you’re enjoying your latest Ducati, does it compare well with the other Ducatis you’ve owned?

The Diavel compares very well with my earlier bikes but it is so much more than the others.

It handles better than my 998 and it just as fast, but the acceleration is nothing short of breath-taking.

My wife has one as well and both have the full Termi system. The full stereo affect is something to hear :smiley:

Welcome to the forum monster_998.
Only ridden a Diavel once, but I couldn’t stop winding it on… I would love one.