Hello from doncaster

Just bought an unloved 749 and giving it some love, water pump cover leaking, instant gasket fixed that, oil cooler leaking, ordered one of those, to be honest it’s in a silly place , been out on it twice and had to fix something…lol, I absolutely love it though…the guy who owned it didn’t look after it at all…it’s booked in for a major service in May at Italian moto in Lincoln , looking forward to meeting up , I get to sherburn (squires cafe) quite often so would be good to have a coffee and chat…paul

Keep yoor eye out for me at sherburn. See the hello from wakefield post for pics of my bikes. Dont think I have seen any White S4Rs Monsters at the cafe - and if another turns up it probably wont have the champagne gold wheels.

Hello Paul, and welcome to Ducati ownership. Sounds as if you’re giving the 749 all the care and attention it rightly deserves.

Hi Neil , I will look out for you…hello desmo, yes it was very unloved…took a day cleaning it…oil cooler
Came today so finished work early and fit it…been out for a good run and no more leaks…
The bike is fantastic, feels a lot different to my r1… Did have it for four years…and only done three short trips
On the ducati…gonna put some miles on it now though…I can’t believe I’ve got one… :sunglasses:

Well can you belive it. Been Sherburn tonight and having said I had never seen another white S4Rs there… well - you can guesss the rest. He did have black wheels though and Zard exhausts.

[size=150]Welcome to the forum. Sounds like your 749 has found someone to love her.
Don’t forget to look up your local branch.

Cheers captain pugwash paid up member now so look forward to the news letter…could you point me in t.he right
Direction for the local branch …South Yorkshire one is no longer active… :sunglasses:

[size=150]You’re a bit in the middle there. You have East Yorkshire post code; YO433JA. North Lincolnshire post code; LN76AH. or Manchester post code; M261GT. all an hour or more away. We are looking for someone to start a branch in South Yorkshire, if you’re interested!![/size]

Hi Paul,
I got the East Yorkshire branch up and running last October. We now have approx 12 on the mailing list and 6/7 regulars to the meets and to be fair it pretty much runs itself now. We have members come over from Leeds and from North Yorks as well as Lincolnshire so if you dip your toe in the water and start a branch they will come!
I think Steve in North Lincs has been having problems getting numbers interested but if thats your most local one drop him a line and help him out :slight_smile:
The more there is of us the better :smiley:

I’d probably come to the south yorks one for the time being as there isn’t an east mids one for me…

I,m self employed and would struggle to probably arrange a permanent meet as most times
I,m very busy…would happily try to meet up with ducati owners over this year and if that turns into
Something like a regular meet then we could have a South Yorkshire branch…there’s a pub in tick hill near doncaster
Have just started a bike meet on a Thursday night…if anyone wants to meet up we could start there… :smiley:

[size=150]Sounds like a good idea Paul. Put the word around and maybe a short bit in the next Desmo mag. saying where you are meeting and see how it goes.[/size]

[size=150]If you need any help with advertising, or more information, let me know. We can send emails out to members in your area if wanted.
email me on branchboss@docgb.net[/size]

Hi Paul

Tickhill is not that far from me so could make it on a Thursday night, work and weather permitting.

Post up again on here if anything is happening, where and when.