Hello from Ducati UK

Hello everyone!

My name is Lewis, I work at Ducati UK and part of my role is working as a liaison for the Owner’s Clubs.

I’ve got a Monster 821 Stripe, currently waiting for the road to be salt free before getting some nice accessorises fitted!

I may post updates on things we are doing here at Ducati that you may find interesting every now and then. I’m happy to receive suggestions on how we can help to make the owners clubs more involving and enjoyable.

Hello Lewis.
Welcome to the forum.


… and hello from me Lewis. Would be great to have some news from Ducati UK in ‘Desmo’, please email editor@docgb.net with anything suitable for inclusion.

[size=150]Welcome Lewis, look forward to reading more.[/size]

Hi Lewis, copy date for the next issue of Desmo is 7th March - look forward to receiving some news from you :smiley:

Hi Lewis,

Why is there only one venue for the Ducati Roadshow in the South East in 2017? I can only see Ashford in Kent as the only South East venue. Nothing in Surrey at all that I can see. It’s been held at Box Hill or ProTwins in the past. Why not this year? or P&H in Crawley or Snells at Alton. There are quite a few other Ducati dealers in the South East. Poor show from Ducati Uk.

Hi Sean,

We offer all of our dealers the opportunity to be involved in the roadshow, however not every dealer takes part every year and ultimately it is their choice whether they wish to take part in each Roadshow.

Ducati Alton are taking part this year, their roadshow will be at the Goodwood Bike Festival on the 11th of June.

If you are unable to go to one of the Roadshows this year, have you tried asking your local dealer for a demonstration ride on your chosen bike?


There will be a DOC GB stand at BikeFest, Goodwood … :wink: