Hello from Haslemere

Hello everyone.

I am a returning member after a 20+ year lapse, and it’s about time too. As soon as I passed my test in the early eighties I bought a 750GT, followed by a 900ss (featured in Superbike, February 1985, and subsequently returned to its correct livery - I think - of black/gold, after I lent it to a friend who put it in a ditch after one too many pints of Bishops Tipple). This is my only claim to fame.

At the time, I was seduced by the twins, but it was always in the back of my mind that I really should have bought a single. There was -and still is - something very special about them. I say this having never even ridden one. So after many years of talking about it, thanks to John Fallon (what a nice man) I now have a 250 narrowcase project.

I look forward to meeting you all, especially fellow single owners.


Hi Jeremy,
welcome back to the DOC GB! Look forward to seeing you at the Surrey / Sussex branch meets, it’s a nice ride-out to Washington from Haslemere - and hearing about your ‘single’ project (I had a 250 mk lll, a 350 Desmo, and a 250 Mach 1 many years ago).
ciao :slight_smile:

welcome, stick some info about your project in the singles section :laughing:

Hello & welcome to the club!

Thank you all very much for your welcomes.

I’ll post some pics once I have anything worth showing, but don’t hold your collective breath.

I will most certainly come to the local meet, but the 250 is my only bike and now in many pieces, so I’ll be the one in the van…

I was at the Goodwood Breakfast Club meet this month, and was amazed at the turnout of bikes. Thousands I think. Desmo, you posted on this, but you must have missed the beautiful little single (a 125?) which was there. Just gorgeous. The only other bike which caught my attention was the quite incredible V12 Kawasaki which also sounded amazing.


welcome aboard :smiley: