Hello from Kent

Hello from not so sunny Kent. I’ve come back to Ducatis after a few years away playing with 2 strokes! I used to be a member back in the 90’s when I had a Pantah and a 750F1. Back in those days there was a Kent meet at the Wagon and Horses at Charing if anyone remembers it. A few of the Surrey guys used to come along and apart from the odd DOC trackday(Even got my picture on an inside rear cover of Desmo!), and I did a factory visit in 1994 on my F1. Glad to be back on a Ducati, and Hi to anyone who remembers me first time around! Nick

Hi Nick,
I’m new here & live in Ashford.
Just popped my ducati cherry with a 2003 750 ss. Picked it up today - after 130 mile trip home my back, elbows & wrists hurt like hell (my last bike was a big fat honda vfr800 - like an armchair by comparison !!!)

Where- abouts are you? and what do you ride ?


Funny enough I live in Ashford as well! I ride a 748 and live on Orchard Heights if you know it? My next door neighbour has a 749 and a guy up the road owns a scooter shop in Ashford, but also rides an RD350LC and I’ve seen a monster outside his house as well!

Welcome to Ducati the aches will go away as the smile grows.

Hi there,

Relax your arms, lean forwards a touch more and drop your elbows a bit lower and maybe tucked in a bit tighter. Take a little more tension on your stomach muscles and legs. It’ll work wonders for your comfort.



I know Orchard Heights … thats where I wrote off my honda last month !!! I live in the bit with no name between Stanhope, Singleton & Brookfield.
If you’re at home 7am-ish or 7-7.30pm-ish you can probably hear me going past the end of your road (noisy pipes!)


Hi Roger,
Cheers for the advice. Will definately take it onboard.
First ride of the bike & the traffic was a complete backside that day, so I guess I was riding a bit tense.
Done a few shorter rides since then; in spite of the cold weather its getting more comfy each ride.


We’ll have to meet up for a ride out before they salt the roads. :wink:

You lucky people!
I’m already crunching through the salt down here in Cornwall, the black ice warning light was flashing in my wifes car last Monday night and we’ve had 2 heavy frosty mornings this week.

To cap it all my ratty MZ has got to have a rebuild I’ve killed the gearbox, so from the middle of this week I’ll be commuting on my 851/916 when I get it MOT’d and taxed.

Steve R