Hello from Lancashire!

I first joined DOC in 1976(!). One of the first 860GT’s into the country (Jilly P got the other one!) and a 350 Mark 3 single. The 860 ate big-ends, the 350 buzzed but was great fun. Deserted to Laverda 1980 but saw the error of my ways in 1985 with a 900 SS (bevel) and later a couple of 900 belts. 20 years ago got an 851 (888) SP3 and had it ever since. Fabulous. Turned the clock back to zero a few years ago and now done 130,000 km. (Highest on planet?!) Just keeps on going - off to Hebrides next week. Been a member of 851/888 and Ducati-up-North forums for a while so it’s time I joined “our own”! Enjoy the summer. David (member No. 888!)

Hi David, very nice to see you on here, still a stunning bike, I see it occasionally


Hi David, welcome to the forum.

… and a belated welcome from me! :wink: