Hello from Lancashire

Hi All,

I’ve been riding bikes thirty five years or so, had road bikes from seventeen years, my Dad has all plethora of Jap stuff whilst I was growing up, but I loved all things Italian, from Dukes, Morinis to Laverdas and everything in between.

I am an active member of the FJ/FJROC attending many runs/rallies and weekends as possible on the club calendar.

The bikes in my garage are; 2016 FJR AE and a restored '93 FJ 3XW. Plus my two Dukes.

I’m new to the forum and the club, not new to Dukes though.

Owned my ST2 for three years, my Dad never rode it as he prefers twins of the flat variety!

So he handed me the log book and said enjoy, at first admittedly I didn’t with loads of niggling faults in particular battery access and the fact that it had been stood for years didn’t help either, sticky solenoid, wrong battery and crap cable didn’t help.

All that’s been sorted now and I have to say I really enjoy the bike, It’s been modded with a Corbin seat, carbon bits and a performance EPROM, exhausts and filter. It pulls much better now it’s breathing as it should and sounds glorious, shut the throttle in third from mid revs and listen to that overrun!

I’ve become so impressed with the ST2 , that I recently purchased an ST3 off club member Steve Aspinall (Cheers Mate).

It feels very different to the two in a lot of ways but this will be used for weekends away etc so will be loading it up with the wifes hair straighteners etc!

It’s getting some bling, Sargent seat, Zero G screen, loads of stainless and perhaps some decent exhausts If I can find some.

Any-hoo enough “waffle” and “hello”.

Welcome to the forum Pete.


Welcome, hope to see you at the branch meets

Thanks for the welcome Guys,

I was hoping to make Mondays meet but the weather made me chicken out as it was “stair rodding” here in Fleetwood.

I will see you soon as I need to convince the wifey we need a Multistrada, you lot can help me to that end!

… and welcome to the forum form me! :smiley:

[size=150]Welcome, ST2 is a great bike.[/size]