Hello From Leeds - New to Ducati and Multistrada

Hi there.

Just bought a brand new 1100S in black - will post a picture or two but just wanted to say hi. I joined Ducati Up North first (it’s free and easy) to do a bit of homework etc Now parted with some pennies to join DOCGB too.

I obviously liked the bike when I test rode on but I have to say the new one hasn’t so far lived up to my expectations and has a few really annoying faults that just shouldn’t be there on a new machine. I’m assured by the dealer all will be sorted and I’ll trust to that and also refrain from saying any more about them as I am over all very impressed with their service.

To the other guy in Brighton, don’t let me put you off at all, in fact buying one that someone else has had the pleasure of running in and flushing out any teething troubles, sounds like a good idea!!

Pleased to meet you all here in cyberspace.


Hooky (AKA Steve)

And pleased to meet you, stick with dealer they always do sort out the little teething problems that make our wonderful bikes unique. Hope to see you over the right side of the pennines sometime :wink: :wink:

Hello and Welcome.
If you happen to wander southwards into Lincs there are some good (and fairly empty) roads down here and its not all flat.
Not much happening during the colder months, but if the weather is fine there will be a reasonable number of bikes at Mablethorpe to watch the Beach Racing, its on this sunday and every fortnight through the winter.



I am starting to seriously consider a Multistrada 1100 S as well. Ignoring the annoying faults (hopefully to be quickly fixed) what was the reason you chose a MS. I’m currently using an ST2 as my ride to work / European touring bike and just fancied a change - and another 10bhp.