Hello from mid Dorset

Hello to everyone. I am from Wimborne in Dorset and have a 2000 748BP and a 1998 900SS Final Edition.

Some on here may know me from my forum (The ISC) or other Ducati forums I talk rubbish on (DSC, Ducatisti and DuN)

Hi Ozz, good to see you on here - makes a change from inmyfacebook :slight_smile:
Have you met up with any of the Dorset branch yet? They’re a lovely group of people.

Hi Ozz,

Our next Dorset Branch meeting is tonight if you get a chance to come over.

We meet at The Victoria Inn, Knights-In-The-Bottom, Chickerell, Weymouth (on the B3157, Weymouth to Bridport coast road), start time is 7.30 pm. If you need further information contact me via email: ccalts@aol.com or 'phone 01305 773990 (home) or 07816371857 (mob).

It would be good to see you there.

Chris Calton
(Dorset branch rep)

Ah must be Jilly… :sunglasses:

Yup! :slight_smile:

Hi Ozz,
Welome to your new club, it’s a bit quieter than some that you’ve been accustomed to.
But we don’t have the downsides of the other club that won’t be mentioned has on it’s forum.
We don’t try to hide problems because we don’t have the problems in the 1st place!
Here we just try to help each other out and arrange outings/events etc…
Much like your own forum, of which I’m also a member.
It’s been a bit quiet on here lately but with the influx of new forum/DOC members I feel pretty confident that it will start to pick up again.
You’ll (Possibly?) be suprised how many people are members of both of the main Ducati Owners clubs. but on here the Politics are mainly left at the door and I don’t meen swept under the ‘Magic carpet’.
So once again I’ll say a big hearty WELCOME and I look forward to your input.

Steve R

PS I’ll also back up what Jilly said about the Dorset crew/branch who’re a great bunch led by Chris Carlton and when I’ve managed to get upto see them they’ve always made me very welcome.

Steve, thanks for the welcome. I thought you were on my site too.

I won’t mention any others! Perhaps is now the time to get this forum busier as there may be scope for more people to move over?

Amen to that Ozz as long as they leave the back biting at the door, we’ll all get along fine.

Steve R


Are you talking about the Peoples Popular Front of Ducati?


I thought it was the Popular Peoples Front?


Steve R The slimmer version


Damn, you always get to the punchline first!

We could do a great parody of that Monty Python sketch:

“Bevel shims, rouncase clutches, narrowcase crankpins. Get them here, they’re lovely!”