Hello from Milton Keynes

Hi guys just got myself a 1998 916, had loads of dikes in the past but never a Ducati.
An this poor thin hasnt been run for about a year looks like it was riden in the salt of winter and then stood outside for a while and then in a dusty work shop.
The bad bits:
Corrosion is showing through in places on the wheels.
The brakes are dragging
Most of the nuts and bolts are proper red rusty.
The frame has rust spots showing through.
Paint is flaking ot the engine and side casings.
The screen is cracked.
The forks (probably the worst bit for me) are corroded and the anodising is lifting.
The battery is toast.
THe chain is toast.
Probably more but only just getting into it today are removing the crap.

The good bits:
It has less than 10k on it.
It has a full service history.
All the body work is spot on.
It didnt cost a lot.
And its Totally bog standard.

So the plan is to give it a dam good cleaning, service, touch up as much as i can, strip the brakes, and basically run it for the summer.
And then strip it in the winter.

So gents advice on paint match for the frame?
Any specifics if on the service if its been standing (did start it before handing over cash but only just to make sure it ran and then shet it off after 30 seconds).
Spare any of you can help with? as above but would love to find some good forks or advice on re anodising as its going to bug me the most!
Of course i would love some carbon cans and a single seat?

Got a 1050 Speed tripple.
XS 650 flat tracker (featured in classic mechanics).
RG250 MK1 as the current project on the bench.
And a GPZ900r A1, Think that will have to go to make room.

And I alway do immaculate with my bikes so the latest addition is going to be a challange for me not to totally strip it before the winter!

Anyway Hello.


[size=150]Welcome to Ducati ownership. Sorry I can’t help you much with the 916 but I am sure there will be someone that can.

… and welcome from me! You may find advice / help / parts in Desmo (issue 213 just about to be mailed out) especially as there’s features celebrating the 916 in this and forthcoming issues

Ah that sound like a plan i will go take a look see.

Sorry slow today is that the Desmo forum at the top of the page? and where do i obtain or sign up for a magazine?

Hi, if you’re a fully paid-up member of DOC GB, you’ll receive a copy of Desmo :slight_smile:

Ah i was wondering what the benifit of a paid member was! and to be honest i was struggling seeing the answer.
But that just may just be it.

Do i get a T-shirt as well? :smiley:

Ok I will pay me money better be worth :slight_smile:

so, no pressure on the CoM members then … :wink:

Right ok just paid up…Nothing has happened yet!!..where is the key to the exec bathroom and the secret link to the classified section? :smiley:

when you find the key and link, please let me know! :wink: