Hello from North Derbyshire

Hi all, I’m Phil.

Just joined the club & looking forward to receiving my membership.

After my Japanese fuelled youth, I started my Italian phase with a 900 Supersport. Then onto a 888 Strada & now, after a six year break from bikes. Back on a Streetfighter 1098.

Cheers all :smiley:

Hello Phil,
welcome back to Ducati ownership, enjoying your Streetfighter?

Hello Phil.
Welcome to the club, I posted your membership on Thursday, so it may be with you today.
Sorry for the delay, but we were waiting for copies of the new Desmo to arrive.
Hope to see you out and about somewhere.


Cheers for the welcome desmo.
Yeah, enjoying the Streetfighter so far, apart from the poor headlight beam. Had forgot about that in the years off. Hopefully find something to brighten the job up a bit.

Cheers for the welcome Kevin.
No worries about the delay, my membership came in the post today. Many thanks for that.
Yeah, hopefully catch up with you somewhere.