Hello From North Essex

My name is Mick I run a 2001 Y plate ST4s it’s the first Duke that I’ve owned. I’ve had it for about 4 years now, After a couple of hick-ups, on the first two French holidays it seems to be behaving now. I have fitted a comfort saddle, Scott oiler,and a baglux tank bag along with some other mods. I/we (thats the management) Vicki have toured France, Spain And Portugal on it and to date it’s the best bike that I have owned. As the winter is now well and truly set in Ill be putting it up on the bike lift and give it a through check through. I must try and get along to a branch meeting some time. The Mid Anglian seems to be the nearest one for me. All I have to do is get onto the correct shift. Thats all for now. Mick M :slight_smile:

Hi Mick,

welcome to the club. Interested that you fitted a comfort seat. I run an ST2 and have done a fair bit of European riding and found the saddle to be fine. That said, I ride solo so maybe having two up was enough to compress the seat that bit more. Ditto the Scott oiler and the baglux tank bag.

Hi Luigi Da Squeegee Thanks for the greeting. Im not sure what to say about the comfort saddle cos I do have rather a large sitapon! and so dose the boss.But If you would like a spare std saddle just drop me a line and it’s yours for the price of the postage, as all it’s doing is taking up room in the rafters of the garage!! I changed the rack for a Ventura one after the non–fango thing did fango somewhere in northern France. Never to be seen again!! swimbo WAS NOT AMUSED!!! apart from the CPU giving up in the middle of France a year later (we always wanted to try out the TGV) It’s been a very good bike for touring on. although a little chalenged for luggage space compared to our previous Notron Commander. Hopefully we will be off again in the new year,as we missed last year due to building a new garage,and a stuido for the boss. Hope that we meet up some time. Mick

ditto the Ventura luggage as well. Originally I wanted the matching panniers but this bike turned up second hand from a club member at the right price with the Ventura kit fitted and it did just fine. The only downside I can think of is that I would be willing to leave the bike unattended with hard panniers but not the Ventura bag

when I brought the bike it was fitted with the hard luggage so I stayed with it. But it was all my own Idea/fault to use the large non-fango top box. It lasted a whole 200 miles!before the rack disintergrated now I have the Ventura rack and a tail pack. Vicki has a small ruck-sack. We met a couple on the Bilbao to Portsmouth ferry a couple of years ago and the luggage was an enourmous kit bag that SHE had on her back.

Hi Mick,nice to hear your getting the Duke bug. Im deputy rep for the newly formed Essex Branch. We had our 1st meet last month and had 7 dukes with 12 members! We meet at the BIRD IN HAND on the B1024 between Cogeshall and Earls Colne on the Second Sunday of the month at midday, which is next sunday.I hope to go on my 907 if its dryish,they have a log fire in the pub so hopefully a few will brave the cold and bring their bikes.My contact no.07860 228183,CuKf.