Hello from South coast newbe (Darmah)

Was last a member in 1987/8 in Hampshire and was the proud owner of '82 Darmah. Still got the old girl, yep, and the wife!!

It has been off the road for 10 years but sorted it for MOT November 2013. Went through no probs. Then decided weather is good to bring the Darmah out for quick blast and…damn thing decides to fire on front cylinder only. Do the usual ohmeter checks and all looks ok ‘ish’. Bit different from manual. Fresh fuel, clean carbs, spark plugs good, resistances reading 1.2ohm, coils black-orange 4.4ohm, coils black to HT 13.42 horiz cyl and 12.95 vert cyl. If any elecky gurus out there in Bevel Land can tell me if these values are ok I would much appreciate it.

Hope to catch up with like minded members soon. Planning to try and make inaugural meet at Sussex 19th June 2014.

[size=150]Hello and welcome back. I can’t help you with your problem but I am sure someone on here can. Great that you will be supporting your new local branch.[/size]

and welcome back from me!
I’m sure that there’s someone here who could advise …


Welcome Back, sorry that I have taken so lone to welcome you, looking forward to meeting you on the 19th