Hello From Stoke on Trent

Just joined the club at the BMF show today. I have a Sportclassic 1000 in the process of running in. Would have been completed today if the weather had been better. I am not a fair weather biker, but when it’s new and shiney it seems wrong to get it mucky.

I have a few other bikes, but this is my first Ducati. I am looking forward to riding it and perhaps doing some track days in the future. I am not sure if the branch meetings are particularly close to Stoke so if there is anyone in this area I would appreciate a note. Cheers.


Welcome to the club JackC.
Weather was the usual BMF weekend damp stuff, and wasn’t particulary good for running in or riding home. I’ve got some cleaning to do now.
There are some members from the Stoke area who frequent this forum and I’m sure they will be along soon to let you know where and when things happen over there.


Welcome to the wonderful wacky world of Ducati. I am Cheshire branch rep not to far away as we do have people coming from Congleton. Join up with us and take part in events of all kinds. See Branch meetings for contact details.

hi, welcome aboard :smiley:

… and hi from me - I lived in Biddulph for a while some years ago, interesting roads in that area

Hello there, Jackc, our meet is down near Bridgnorth, you welcome to come on down anytime, but Steve’s Cheshire branch is probably closer?

There are a few others but some do not come onto forum, Andrew Little is from Stoke, find him at ducatiart.co.uk he is right now on his way to Mugello with a few others.