Hello, from sunny Surrey

Its taken a time, but we’ve got here (again) at long last - and thanks to Martyn for getting us the paperwork too.

Both of us have road-going Monsters - I currently have the 696, AK has a M900ie special (some of you might have seen it over the past few years). We also have 2 x M800 racebikes.

CK :slight_smile:

Look forward to seeing you at the next Surrey / Sussex branch meeting! :slight_smile:

Hi CK & AK

Glad that things have been sorted out, may see you at the Surrey/Sussex meeting,


Will try, tho have a hectic schedule at weekends, particularly in the summer with the racing, and the next couple of months I know we cant make the 1st Sunday :cry:
Do you have a meet ‘in’ Surrey - we live 4 miles from the Berks border? (so very NW Surrey) Looking at the locations of meets, its closer to get to Warfield meet, which is about 45 mins ride max for us :smiley:

The branch used to meet in Surrey, but more people from the Sussex area turned up. Then the branch was taken over by various members living in Sussex. So, would suggest that the merry mob of Wingfiled may be your best bet to meet up with! Of course, there’s the Box Hill meets, but nothing ‘officially’ there for DOC GB (and that leads to a very long story … :laughing: )

Good luck with the racing; maybe you’d like to contribute something to the mag about that? It’ll give Roger the racer some competition … :wink:

Cheers for that Desmo :smiley:
We do go for the regular Ducatisti forum 2nd Sat of the month meets at Box Hill (not to be confused with a n other clubs on on a Sunday).

Will deffo think about write-ups from the racing - if you have 5 mins, take a look at our website, this years reports from the riders are all on there - is that the sort of thing required? :question: Hoping to step up to another class next year (still using Ducati’s) :astonished:

Sorry for the delay, glad it came at last, new procedure to plug gap of Paypal Protx, thanks for being very, very patient.

No probs Martyn - all came through in the end - and glad you have now plugged the black hole of Protx! :smiley:


You definitely should be putting your race dates on the racers section of the forum, as well as write up’s when you can.
Some articles from fellow Ducati racers in the Desmo magazine would be great too.



A bit of competition for the Nepoti cup now Roger, hope the collarbone is better, top man, now you are a proper racer !!!

Hi, just checekd out your website, and yes, something along those lines would be great, plus some good photos :slight_smile:

We’ll be meeting at Shoreham this Sunday, but might be off early to watch the last WSB round on tv … farewell Troy!

Blimey you 2 on here aswell! :laughing:

You’d be surprised who you meet here … :wink: