Hello from Sussex

Hi all, just I’d quickly introduce myself to the forum and club.

I live in mid sussex and work around the area too. I finally achieved a long time ambition and joined the ranks of Ducati owners last summer when I bought a 2004 Monster Dark. Have mostly enjoyed my 15 months of ownership so far and looking to maybe step up a bit in the future.

I’m also a member of the UKMOC and have had some advice and pointers from there in the past as well as being bailed out by the guys at Pro Twins!

Best of riding to all,


Hello there Squiggly.
Welcome to the forum.
Nice to here a bit of good news from one of the dealers, what are you looking at next?
I’ve got a 2000 900Sie and my son has just bought a 1994 M600
Kevin Baker
DOCGB Memsec.

Thanks for the welcome.
I’m seriously considering an 1100evo, or a 796. But also toying with the idea of a S2R 800 should the right one pop up. Definitely staying with the Monster family for now but would be next spring/summer ideally.

[size=150]Hi, Welcome to the forum.

Nice dark monster. :smiley: [/size]

Hi Squiggly, welcome! I’ve always found ProTwins to be helpful, especially Pete and Rob.
Look forward to seeing you at some of the local events - especially Horsham Piazza Italia.

Thanks for the welcome!

See you at Goodwood on the 6th October?