Hello from the Wirral

Hello all. A quick intro.

I’ve recently returned to biking after a substantial break and having embraced the mid-life crisis whole-heartidly I bought a Ducati. I actually had a Triumph Daytona 600 previously but I always lusted after a Duc, so I bought one this summer (2012). I am now the proud owner of a 2006, well-maintained and looked-after 749. I know it’s not to everyones taste but I am smitten. And she makes the most amazing sound courtesy of a full Termi exhaust system.

So, hello to you all, hope you are enjoying the winter so far and look forward to meeting with some of you in the very near future.

Oh and before I forget, Merry Christmas!

Paul (aka Duff)

Hello Paul, welcome to the Ducati Owners Club.

+1 from me,
You’ve probably hit the jackpot mate as the Wirral/Cheshire lads are very active in the club and a great bunch.
I hope you like your Ale, good food and riding your bike…But not at the same time!
The “Northern Steve R” owns and loves his 999 so at least there’s someone else out there with your questionable taste in Ducati’s… :wink:

Steve R…The real one and not a Northern imposter. :laughing:

welcome aboard.
personally, i really like the 999/749’s.

Hello, I am from Manchester Branch, I go to Wirral Branch and will be at the Christmas do on Thursday. I am sure Tim will be along to introduce himself soon

Nothing Questionable about 749/999 best looking Ducati after Bevel 900SS, 851, 888, 125

Glad you remember me Mr Southern R and don’t forget Timbo has his 999 imposter/trannie