Hello from Wakefield


I’m Neil and have just joined DOCGB. I admit - in the main to get discounted WDW 2014 tickets but also as a resuit of speaking to the guys from the club at the Manchester bike show. Hope to get out and about this summer to a meet or two - as well as WDW.

I have a 916 (1997) and a 2007 Monster S4Rs

A picture of each of my bikes.

916 is a 97 BPO dressed up a bit - consuderring turning it to bog stock standard as I have all the bits in the loft. 40000 miles on the clock

S4Rs is a 2007 Model, 22000 miles on the clock. Few extra carbon bits. 748R flywheel. Full termi system and power commander. 140bhp at rear wheel.

[size=150]Hi Neil, Welcome to the club. May see you at an event or if not WDW.

Great stuff and glad you enjoyed the show. See you at a branch meet and keep your eyes on the forum for the tickets.

… and welcome from me. You’ll have a great time at WDW, especially with the DOC GB members who are going - which bike will you be taking?

It has to be the Monster if only so I can see where I parked it amongst teh sea of red bikes.

:smiley: :smiley:

Hope to get over to teh Thatch and Thistle at Nelson on one of the first Mondays of the month sometime soon.

Any thoughts from anybody out there on teh 916 - should I return it to bog standard - including putting all the standard bolts in and removing the carbon and termigs. I do have everything in the loft. Or do I wait till I want to sell it till I do that and enjoy teh results of the work in the garage over the last 15 years