Hello from Wigan

Hi, thought i’d better say hello and make this my 1st post.
Great forum you got here.
I’ve owned a Ducati for almost three years now and have just put a deposit on a 2nd, subject to test ride.
Hopefully get to meet some of you on the occasion outing and also hope to contribute to the forum.

Hello, we have meets near you, nearest is last Wednesday of the month at San Marco Italian restaurant in Blackrod.

Hi Martyn,

thats good to know, not too far either, I’ll be home for that this May.
What time do folk usually meet??

Hi, welcome to the forum. What are you hoping to buy?

Hoping to buy the Hypermotard SP, but think it will far too tall for my short legs, so put a deposit on a new Hyperstarda subject to the SP test ride, it should be in stock next week, just in time for me getting home :wink:

Yes they are very high. To tall for me. Hope test goes well let us know how it rides.