Hello Im new here

Hello all
I’ve recently retired after 30yrs of shift work and moved out of the world of BMW into Ducati
Not saying I like them but I’ve now had two in the last 6months :wink:
because of my ‘build’ ( very tall) I can’t get on with the full sports Ducati’s
I didn’t want a multistrada ( just sold my BMW GSA so felt a change was required)
so I bought this one ITS MINT
( the silver one was a non running project which had FDSH to 28,500miles I bought it first, sorted it and my mate bought it from me at cost, the red one was bought with little history but shows only 5418km on the clock)

Welcome - and nice bikes! :slight_smile:

Thank you but the silver ( 1998) one looked like this when I bought it in June 2011
non runner had stood outdoors for three years with a catalogue of ‘silly’ faults
the main one being water in the petrol tank and non working fuel pump/ blown fork seals/kn**d seat/battery/clutch/brakes etc etc
I sorted it, rode it and liked it so much I just had to have a lower milage better RED one
my mate bought the silver one from me at cost so it lives three doors away
He loves it as it was a VERY cheap bike

welcome aboard.
nice bikes there, the st is a fantastic bike. ive not long had mine and am wondering why i didnt get one sooner. makes a nice change from the 916 i have next to it. although i wouldnt get rid of that for anything.

just noticed your in the west mids, pop down to a meeting and say hi. its our cristmas blow out tomorrow in bridgnorth which should be a laugh.
2nd monday of the month at the royal oak at rudge heath.
its in the branch bit here.

Welcome Magwa,

Good to see you have come into the world of Ducati armed with spanners and mechanical knowledge, and have already spent time finding the Soul and Character of your machinery.
The Japanese method of bolting on a race can, thrashing it mercilessly and doing a bit of maintenance once a year doesn’t seem to work for most Ducatis or their owners.
Maybe we are an odd bunch, but what the hell, we don’t mind spending the extra pounds and providing the extra TLC and despite (or because of) that we are still more than happy with our lot.
(Also good to see you have got one in the proper colour at the 2nd attempt.)

North Lincs.

Thanks all well Im OK with spanners, Ive had in excess of 150 bikes of all sorts since I’ve been 17yrs and Im now 56yrs, Restored LOADS of them. So Ducati holds no fear :sunglasses: