Hello :) Should I get the Multistrada 1200s?

Looking to swap my Blackbird (2nd one I have had) for a new 1200S. The Ducati is certainly a fabulous piece of kit and seems to tick all the boxes a test ride coming up. Love the Bird, still a brilliant bike and comfortable for my wife as pillion we are usually 2 up. Would be sorry to see the Bird go it go. However I am getting old and looking for something more upright with comfort and a bit more weather protection for longer rides, but still do not want to lose the Blackbird power and some the excitement of riding. Will also be looking at BMW 1200rt from the comfort point of view particularly for the pillion. Also all the tech on the Multistrada worries me a bit, lots to go wrong? Know I am probably asking a biased audience but all feedback comments and reassurance welcome although if I let my heart rule my head it would not be a problem. Oh, and is the touring screen effective?

Hello reggiechas.
I’ve never ridden a Blackbird, or a 1200RT, but if you want to err on the side of performance and handling and your after an adventure sport bike then the Multi is the one I think.
I’ve owned my 2010 Touring S from new and done about 20,000 miles.
The power and handling are just immense, I rarely use anywhere near the 150bhp on tap, and it’s the most stable bike I have ever ridden.
The tech on mine has worked OK so far, mostly, it has had 2 sets of clocks due to glowing warning lights, but these were changed by Ducati without a problem, and I think the problem is now sorted as this set has been on 2 years now.
Again all of my other bikes don’t really have screens to speak of so I’m no expert, but the front end does keep most of the wind blast off the rider, but does tend to hit the top of my visor, but this is going to depend on rider height?
Of course mine is now 2 models out of date and I’m told that the new DVT Multi is way better at slow speeds and has more power plus more tech.
Give it a good test ride!


I just got my new 1200s with touring pack yesterday. I clocked up 320 miles on the first day. I can’t compare to the 'Bird as I haven’t ridden. However I can say that the comfort, smoothness and riding position all all spot on. The active suspension is superb and the low end smoothness is far better than most twins. Running in so not really soaked up the power but the torque and smoothness belie how quickly it picks up speed. Cruise control is very slick. Overall protection is surprisingly good apart from lower legs. Wind shield is good and easy to adjust so if you move about a bit you can adjust the screen to suit to reduce fatigue. So far lots of things to like and nothing to dislike apart from limited fuel range. For reference I have swapped from a Triumph Explorer 1200. The Multi is much more comfortable (especially when stopped due to weight and centre if gravity). The comfort in touring mode and riding position made me feel a little superior if I am honest. A bit like when driving a Range Rover. I Hooe that doesn’t sound snobby but it does give you a very regal experience.

Not tried with pillion yet but I do like the press of a button suspension settings for different loads which keeps everything optimised instantly.

I also noticed that cars moved out of the way more than when I’ve been on my other bikes. Not sure if that’s because of the LED lights (awesome) or the fact that it’s white?

Good luck with your shopping - you have a great choice to look at and I hope you find the one that suits you best.