Hello - Surrey

Well, I finally bit the bullet, saw the movie The Bucket List a few months back and decided life’s too short, so went out did my DAS, waited 3 weeks (heck I was on holiday) then went and bought a stunning 749s in yellow (well I knew the misses wouldn’t mind too much as it matches the colour of her car :smiley: ) and have managed to get out a couple of times. I know, bit of a bike for my 1st time, however I am old and grey enough now to take it easy and learn the craft. Wow, what a beautiful machine, why did I waste all my money on fast cars? Looking forward to meeting up with members here, getting some track days in next year (done a lot in cars) and developing my road skills! Based in Hersham (Walton On Thames) so if you are close say hi. Oh before you ask, Cornish is my user name, because, yes I come from sunny Cornwall, yet split my time between Surrey and there. :ugeek:

Hi Cornish, welcome!
If you’re around in Surrey this weekend, please come along to the Surrey / Sussex Christmas lunch at The Kings Head, Rudgwick (near Cranleigh). We usually meet at Shoreham Aiport, 1st Sundays in the month, lunctime, but thought this would be an alternative venue for our meal.
Look forward to seeing you sometime!

PS I have a Cornish surname! :slight_smile:

desmo, thanks for the response, shame to say I have to go visit the in laws this weekend (have to keep the misses happy and all that) so no biking for 4 days!!! Not happy as have managed to get out in the bright skies, what a feeling, still a little nervous yet that will change with practice and time on the roads. It’s even making me a better car driver with awareness around me and all that. When’s the next hook up then?

I’ll say this in a very quite voice…

[size=150]I prefer them in yellow![/size]

oops, the style police will be after me now saying all Ducatis should be red - I’ve got three and one is a bit reddish, one is yellow and chrome and the other is black.

Welcome to the club. You’ve got yourself a lovely bike there :slight_smile:

Ah yes, yellow for bevels then??? :wink:

Cornish - next meet for Surrey / Sussex after Christmas will be 1st Sunday in January, watch the relevant branch section for more details.

Luigi, I thought it best to go for YELLOW as it stands out more and therefore more visible on the road for other users. I loved the 748s I saw in RED yet YELLOW is the colour for me at the moment, maybe the next one might be RED.

Desmo, thanks for the heads up on the meet, I will be back up from Cornwall for the NY celebrations by then so I will hopefully be along.