Hello to all DOC members!

Hi all, just a quick post to introduce myself on here.

My reason for joining the club is I’ve recently bought my first Ducati, which is a 1974 750GT to restore. It’s fair to say that classic bikes are more my thing than moderns (although I like them all of course!), so I’m hoping there are a few other like minded on here…

Cheers, Deano.

Hi Desmo, welcome. Don’t forget your regional branch, a lot have Facebook pages to be involved with.

Hi Deano,

Welcome along hope you enjoy your rebuild. Any pictures of the bike in it’s present condition. Where are you in the country ? I’m in Surrey. I tried using facebook but for some reason they keep rejecting my application for an account. 3 times so I gave up, if you are a member already then I guess no problem. I have a mate in Nottingham who had a 750GT from new in the 70’she loved except watching the chrome flake off if he left it outside overnight

I live near Salisbury, so the New Forest region is my closest & I will get along to say hello once the current restrictions have eased.

The bike will be completely pulled apart & put back to original spec, including the correct bronze gold colour & normal bars etc. Plenty to be getting on with, although I need to keep it in one piece at least until I get it UK registered.

Nice, looks like a great project. I get your way quite a lot when I’m aloud out to play.I used to live in Corsham and Salisbury plain, Shaftesbury, Weymouth etc are favourite rides for me still. I bought last year, site unseen a 2006 ST3 which was not quite as advertised but really wanted one again. It’s the bike I wish I had never sold. I had a new Multistrada but a bit to tall and to many software features which never get used. Maybe see you on the road or at a meeting sometime. I have a link to a great seller for decals for older Ducati’s which you may find useful https://classictransfers.co.uk/page/4/?s=ducati&post_type=product
Enjoy the bike.

Hi Steve, sorry you have not been accepted on FB, don’t know why, in one of the questions about why joking just put you messaged me on the forum. Some of the admins can be a bit sharp. Did you answer the questions ?

Hi Martyn,

The problem is not with DOC GB facebook it’s with Facebook itself.I cannot for some reason start an account with them. Every time I try ( 3 times now ) I answer all the questions, upload a picture, get the phone and e-mail codes etc. Then I get a message saying they are checking my detail, then a day or so later, message saying my account is locked down? Like the image below.

Any help appreciated. I want to use it for the club to try and arrange weekday rides in my area once we are allowed out to play again.

Hi Steve, that does not look like our page, please ask again and I will accept, I have e mailed other moderators also to let you in !!


Hi Martyn,

Sorry if I caused any confusion here, it is not a DOC GB page it is the automated reply I get from Facebook telling me my account is disabled :neutral_face:


The Club can help with Uk registration, check out the web site for details.

Hi Colin,

The club have already kindly provided me with a dating certificate and it’s now in the hands of the DVLA so fingers crossed that all goes ok. I’m also looking forward to getting along to my regional meet once normal life returns.!