hello to all

Well hello all my name is john and i am a member of many owner club/forums. I am the proud owner of many bikes including my red 1990 906 paso that is unfortunately off the road at the moment after taking it in my camper for a trip to this years i.o.m (it had to go in side with us as my son came over and shouldve had another bike joimning us but backed out) the poor old paso came out and had soooooo many admiring glances and lots of questions as in what was it ect. I was all puffed up in my italian ownership when she decided to chuck her clutch plates in the bin and the gearbox to lock in 1st which gave a very wired trip back from douglas to ramsay in 1x gear with no clutch. If you ever feel constipated just try going through ramsey on raceweek just before the mountain road closes 2x up with no clutch and i can guarantee you will be cleared out when you stop at your campsite!! I love my paso with a vengence but would have swapped it for a superdream at that moment, luckily i came to my senses and tried anybody on the island that could possibly help but to no avail she had to just be an ornament for the rest of the stay and even with her problems i still felt fabulous when people asked all they could about what she is. I have had so much help in bits availability and just a helpfull chat from my local dealership and a big up for SEASTAR MOTORCYCLES and the king of parts DAVE if you ever need anything duke or kawasaki find them on the tinterweb and phone him up, isnt a thing that he cant sort for you and its not a problem. At the moment i have to use my honda vtr1000 firestorm, in red naturally! but it just isnt the same? Sorry to bore you all but thats me and just 2x of my bikes and will prob tell you about the others sometime. Ta john :smiley: :slight_smile:

Great story, I have a 906 as well and it is great, even with the wrong tyres on, it still turns heads after all those years.

Hello John :slight_smile:
and as Martyn says, that’s a great story.

Hello John.
Welcome to the club, is the Paso l sorted out now?