hi dave schollar here happy new year to all in the doc

Hi Dave,
A belated happy new year to you as well!
'Ere you’ve gone all modern popping up on a forum chap, how’s things with you and the family?
I hope all’s well.
I did send my best wishes to you via Sarah + James, when we were ‘Up’ in Dorset last autumn for the ‘Not the Southern Rally’, I hope it got through.
We hope we catch up with you at sometime this year, you’ve always been a star in my book Dave!

Steve + Ness Robins

Hi Dave,

good to see that you have embraced this new fangled computer technology! Enjoyed seeing yourself and Mags at our Christmas ‘do’ . You got a mention in the Desmo write up. Hope to see you a few more times this year. Regards to you and the family.


hi steve and ness Alls well in dorset yes sarah and james gave your regards. If your going to the bristol classic this year on the saturday we will be there. Ferretting about for tl bits [fat chance] case you didnt know terry is now owned by mags and now being restored by yours truly bad to standard colours .hope to see you soon as hope to attended more rallys this year. yours dave and mags xxx

hi chris and rona hope your both well and you got everything you wanted from that fat guy in the red suit .we all had a good xmas went up to glos for 3 days ate to much. hoping to get tl bits on saturday 9th febuary as going to bristol classic bike show .Are you doing the southern rally this year as hope to attend more rallys this year. would be great to catch up with some old friend and hopefully make some new ones .see you soon love dave mags and lily xxx

The club has a stand at the Bristol show - look forward to seeing everyone there! :slight_smile: If you need any further details, contact Mick White, details in Desmo 175.