Just joined the forum and I’m hoping to sign up to the club proper very soon. Looking forward to being in a proper club again with an actual paper Magazine… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m on my third Ducati now, a 2000 M900Sie. The last one was a '98 M900 and before that it was a '91 750SS. My first Italian bike was an all original 1975 Morini 3 1/2 Sport in black and red with wire wheels and drum brakes…Yeah and I do wish I still had it.!!

I’ve been in the UKMOC (UK Monster Owners Club) for a couple of years and I am now the Norfolk Rep for the club. Norfolk is a rather large County and members can be a fair way apart, so sometimes meetings can be a bit…er…Lonely! I imagine it is much the same for any specific interest club?
That said we have had a good Summer and there are still a few meetings to come in September.

I can’t see that a bit of cross pollenation between clubs would do any harm, as far as meeting like minded souls goes. But I am testing the water before I mention it again. For example there is a lovely Italian themed Show coming up in Reepham on 27th Sept,where I would love to see more Ducatis.

I can supply details if anyone is up for showing thier bike…But hey, in the meantime I am looking forward to joining in and seeing as many more different Dukes as possible…

Glad you are here, no problem having Monster and our club meets at same place, why dilute it !!

Welcome to the Forum Mr Gazza.
I’ve got a 900Sie 2000, I’ve had it from new, now done 39000 miles, love it!

Thanks for the welcome chaps… :mrgreen:

The 2000 model M900Sie is something special as you obviously know Kevin. Mine is definately the crowning glory of the 42 bikes I have owned. I consider it to be an excellent consolation for never owning a 750GT in Yellow and black, since first clapping eyes and ears on one in 1975…Guess I will just have to keep dreaming about that. :unamused:

We have a meeting coming up that is a lot of fun…The 2nd Great UKMOC Teddy Bears Picnic…

All Ducati owners would be more than welcome. It’s on 6th Sept fron Noon onwards, at Walkers Café in Mildenhall, Suffolk.
The location more or less corresponds to the middle of the DOCGB Mid-Anglia area, and attracts Monsters from about a hundred mile radius…There will be Teddy Bears, Gingham and cake. :laughing: ukmonster.co.uk/monster/show … hp?t=52422 …Apologies for some of my silly club mates… :blush:

[size=150]Welcome to the forum. Look forward to hearing more from you. Our Norfolk branch closed down last year, due to organiser move. We are always interested in starting new branches. So once you are an official DOC GB member keep in touch.
Guy, DOC GB Branches coordinator.[/size]

Thanks for the welcome Cap’n.

Sorry to hear that the Norfolk Branch has closed down…This will not do…!! :frowning:

In that case I would like to to re-extend my invitation to join the Teddy Bears Picnic in Mildenhall and hope the “Anglian” members will take full advantage of an opportunity to meet up for a larf.

I am more than happy to provide dates and places for Norfolk UKMOC meets, my pals will be pleased to meet other Ducati owners, and DOC GB might even find some more recruits.

We will be kicking off our Winter club nights at The Lessingham Star some time in late October, by which time I should know my way round this site a bit better and post up the dates in a better place.

Should be a fully paid up member by the time this post gets through the spam filter… :laughing:

Thanks to whoever is posting them up for me…Already getting a loveley warm feeling from this club… :smiley:

hello Mr Gazza, welcome to the DOC GB forum, hope you join the club soon, then you can receive the club mag ‘Desmo’! :wink: