I’ve just registered here so this’ll be my first post.

Just bought a 750ss (2003) model - picking it up tomorrow - so I thought I best get myself on here to find some other owners.

There doesn’t seem to be a board for Kent members, but I suppose I could gate crash Essex or Sussex :laughing:

Look forward to meeting some of you soon…


hi there. 750ss, a good choice had mine for nearly 3 years and been totally reliable.
welcome to the good ship doc.

Cheers Richy.
This is my first Ducati & I know nothing about them mechanically ( what goes wrong, what needs extra tlc, cheap places to get parts etc etc) so I expect I’ll be asking loads of stupid questions for a while… such as mine is now on 12,800 miles, last service ( biggish one - £550) was at 9500 miles April 2007, so I guess mine’s due another biggun now, right?