Hello everyone, happy new year from us all in Didcot.

Hope everyone joins the new forum, else I am going to be very lonely!!!

hi keef how did you get the pics up ?

I have the advantage of my own website, so i am able to post pictures by clicking on the Img button and pasting the URL of the picture I want to post from my website.

I’ve asked Spaggy if it would be possible to upload pictures in the forum section.


Hi people,
glad to make your aquaintance.Unfortunately I have just sold my Ducati but I`m sure another will pass my way soon (hopefully ! )

Finally got shot of the heap then?
I seem to remember singing your praises to some chap on another forum (well, I told him you were not too dishonest a knave). He was looking at coming to see you re the tri coloured beast, so I’d like to lodge my claim for a 10% agents fee…
PS Hi to Jo and Kitty