With the Ducastisti board closed, I thought it would be packed in here? But no.

probably as the ducatisti board is free, and to use this you have to be a DOC GB member :open_mouth:

There’s quite a few DOCGB members who post on the Ducatisti forum Jilly.
I had the same thought as Keith which’s why I logged on here.

Steve R

Hi Steve,
yes, even I post on ducatisti!
I think it’s easier to access ducatisti than here - when ducatisti is operational - but I’m surprised that there isn’t more on the DOC GB email list and here at the moment :wink:

There has been very little activity on our site for some time. Perhaps this will change when people get used to the idea again.

I keep posting inflammatory comments and things bound to wind up members in order to get our Forum going, but no one ever bites :laughing:

Even putting a sidecar on a Ducati has not worked!

Hmmm. I’ll start on Paso’s next, never fails!



What happened with the clubs interest in possibly taking over Dan’s Ducatisti site???

Steve R

I wasn’t at the last CoM meeting and haven’t been notified of what happened, Steve, so I can’t answer that one :cry: Ask Martyn?

Still waiting for the increase in chat on here … :astonished:

well im here :smiley:
i too post on ducatisti but have to say there are some very opinionated folks on there who seem to like critisizing others. not all of them i have to say, ive met some great folks through it. the west mids branch did well out of it too so not all bad eh :laughing:

A little outreach is in order. Just be constructive and watch what happens!


How about a Bevel oil discussion! :astonished:

How about a 10 min argument about Bevel oil types!.. :astonished:

Now just were do I put the TAX ??? :stuck_out_tongue: