Help with replacing fork seals 999s

Hi all, can anyone help with info regarding ohlins fork seal replacement, i need oil amounts, grades etc and any tips on doing the job.Cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to state the obvious but have you got a workshop manual ?? If they do one, are you friendly with a local dealer ??

There seems to be plenty of CD versions of the workshop manual for sale on eBay…

The seals have gone on my Ohlins forks as well, so i have taken the desision that now would be a good time to send them to Maxton, along with the rear shock and have them set up for me! Interestingly enough I spoke to a couple of Ducati specialists about the Ohlins forks and they said that they tend to send them off to the like of Maxton anyway when the seals have gone!

Hi guys, i managed to do the job at home, really no problems encountered at all, managed to get an Ohlins manual and total job time about 2 hours, went out yesterday to Angelsy and no problems at all :smiley:

Where can I get an Ohlins manual?

Where can I get an Ohlins manual?