Hi folks
Ive lost me keys to the ignition on my 907-lost at Stafford in April any one any ideas how to get replacements-what an idiot also had my spare on the same fob.
Been told if I get the barrell out should be a number on it so I can make enquiries with ducati-or anyone any other suggestions,

Tim, it’s a bit of a long shot but have you tried ringing the showground in case they were handed in?

Do you not remember where you left them I have a detective friend !!!

Thanks guys
Ive phoned lost and found line for show nothing.Must be my age cannot remember anything of keys from having them Sunday morning-got home bike away bits out of van cannot remember putting them anywhere and cant find them.Must be onset of Alzhiemers-am currently strippin down ignition unit barel etc so all hope is not lost . :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Have booked for Southern Rally and will be on 907.
Martyn my investigative skills have drawn a blank-there again I never considered the CID as a career development as would be more like Inspector Clueso usless :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
Martyn is the 906 for sale yet???
Cheers Timbo

Do you not have the small metal tag that came with the keys?? as the number on it is the key number.

Any luck on this yet, mmmm, need a tyre 16 inch …

Hi Timbo,

If you have no luck,
I’ve got a ‘Keyed alike’ fuel cap and ignition switch taken from an 851 that should fit your bike.
I’ve been keeping it as a spare, but your need might be greater than mine.

Steve R