Hey there!

Hello there guys, Dylan baker of Dudley here!
Gots me a 1994 monster 600 (currently in bits being overhauled).
I am in fact Kevin Baker’s (the membership secretary) son. Soon to be riding the 600 around restricted.

Always said i would!

Welcome and good luck with the rebuild. Try and keep a record of what you have done and place it on the Forum. Should make a super article.
Dave Hughes

[size=150]Welcome Dylan. You have a great bike there. Hope you enjoy your monster as much as I do my 620 Monster. What work are you doing on it is it major overhaul?

Mostly yeah, we bought it a few weeks ago and its being generally cleaned up, had a few bits replaced. we got a £500 delivery yesterday, bits bits bits bits.

Welcome to the club. I bet you get your membership pack quickly!

and welcome from me! Great to see that you are following in your Dad’s Ducati footsteps, and have an ideal bike

Welcome, nice choice, it’s nice to see the young ones coming through !!

Yes, the bike’s now in a lot of bits in the garage, the nasty red belt covers have gone, and Dylan’s learning how to do the shims and belts :astonished:
It’ll be nice when we’ve stuck it back together, much nicer than James’s Diversion eh?

Family fettling eh? Good tutor … :slight_smile: