Hi all at DOCGB

Hi all,
My name’s Chris, I live in the East Riding of Yorkshire and have finally returned to the fold after 15 years away from the club!!
Just bought my dream bike of that era, a 916. Been a very long wait but worth it. I had a 1989 750 sport back then and have since gone through other makes of bikes hoping to one day put a Biposto/Strada in the garage, so box finally ticked :smiley:
I notice there is not much of a club presence near me outside of crossing the Humber to Lincs, any other locals to the East Riding on here :question:

Hello Chris, and welcome back to the DOC GB!
Great to hear that you have now got your dream bike, and I’m sure you’ll hear from other members in the area where you are.

Hello Chris, welcome back, we do need a branch in Yorkshire…

Hi Chris, yes, for the largest county it is sparce on branches, we have a meet near Colne but that is quite a trek for you as well. Do you have a dealer anywhere near by ??

I think the nearest dealer is Leeds and haven’t seen many Ducs around (maybe not looking hard enough). Do have a couple of good general bike meet places nearby. I reckon the landlord of my local would host a DOC meet. He’s Italian and loves bikes! One parked in the middle of the pub all be it a BSA!

The East Lancs branch was set up a few months ago, there are more people attending every month. I know Leeds and they will help and advertise a branch, the are is crying out for people that will just have the spark. If you decide to then contact Guy, he will give you any help and what to do.

Thanks for the info and advice. I’ve been away from the motorbike world for 3-4 years so ill get out around the local meet areas and see what’s about. Maybe there will be an East Yorks branch by summer 2013!

Hi Dutchy

Our meeting pub is about 20 miles from the North end of the bridge which is now free for bikes to cross, you are welcome to drop in when/if the better weather and light nights return.


Hi Steve,
Thanks for the invite there will be a few visits over the bridge when the winter weather fades :slight_smile: