Hi all from Derby

Hello all Pat here I’m born again at big 50!!!
I’ve got 851 SP3 owned from new in 92’
Collecting it on Friday with bit of luck


Hi Pat,
welcome to DOC GB and the forum. Have you got your 851 yet?

Hi desmo
No?! Any day soon?! Fingers Xt
Please lol
Cheers Pat

Hi Pat, fingers crossed for you! I really like the 851 SP3 … :slight_smile:

Thanks she wouldn’t fire up yesterday?!:frowning:
But it has been 18yrs!!! Lol
Will get some pics up when she’s ready to rumble again!!!
Please please fire today!!!

Cheers Pat

Hope all is going well with the 851 today - and I’m looking forward to seeing the pics

Hooray there life in the old girl:)

A very happy

I too am in Derby if you need a like minded soul.

No real owner presence in the East midlands and we seem to be in a black hole between West Mids. Northampton, NE Lincolnshire groups.

Hi Smidsy,
Still a few issues to sort with me bike?!
May get it Saturday but looking more like Monday/Tuesday:)
Got mallory trackday on 17th lol :wink: hopefully on the duke lol
Born again I think I’m 21 again:)
Will have to meet up


Hi all fetching the 851 SP3 tomoz morning to say I’m excited is an understatement lol

Will hopefully get some pics up

Cheers Pat

Chuft to bits n sounds awesome

Cheers Pat

excellent! Look forward to seeing the pics

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Thanks Steve sooo sorry wanted it all to work straight away?!
Not been on the duke since 1996?? So too excited!!

Cheers Pat

no problem

Was great to meet you Saturday, the bike looked amazing

Good to see you last Saturday Pat, hope you got to your hotel OK?