hi all from manchester

Had my Diavel a week now, first Ducati i’ve had and first bike in about 15 years…it all came back to me pretty quick, can’t keep my bum of the saddle lol

Get it to La Roma meet on the 14 th then !!

hi martyn…where ? what time? and ill try m8

[size=150]Welcome to the club. Nice first bike, enjoy, but take it easy, there is some bhp going on there[/size]

my last bike was a fireblade :wink:

Any1 going to Ducati Manchester for the ride at 6-30?

Was a great night, La Roma, Stoneclough near Radcliffe. Meet about 7.00 we usually order food around 8, not compulsory but very good

Hi squidge, still enjoying your Diavel?