Hi all from New Romney.

Hi all
I’m new to you all, I live on the edge of the Sunny Romney Marsh.
I’m off to the Ducati factory in a couple of weeks and really looking forward to it.
Here’s my baby, she’s s 2000 M900Sie, I’ve had her for 5 years now and she’s still only got 11000 miles on the clock.
I cannot help but smile when out for a ride. :slight_smile:

Snap! same bike, same year, same colour, mines done 37000 still goes great.
My wife rode it to WDW2014.
Watch out when you come to change the chain and sprockets, the front one isn’t a standard 900 Monster one, the offset is different, there’s a post I put on here a while back about it.
Here’s mine


Hi. look out for the Kent Branch posts here on on Facebook!