Hi all from the sticks in Dorset

Hi All

New to the club and forum. My name is Matt, based in the sticks of Dorset and I have recently got my first (almost dream bike) Ducati after years of dreaming and saving. I would have loved to have got the Panigale 1299s but sense and money won over and I now own a Multistrada 1200s DVT.
Its a great comfy bike and will be brilliant for a planned trip to San Marino next Sept :slight_smile: (huge MotoGP fan)
Been riding for sometime now and had a fair share of bikes the last being a speed triple 1050, which was a fantastic bike. I am lucky enough to have a job that has allowed me to finally get a Ducati, something I have wanted to do since my teens (many moons ago). Always worried about the stories of running costs and unreliability before, but in recent years that seems to be less of issue?! Maybe you could let me know, or I will find out for myself with my first Duke :smiley:

All the Best

Hello Matt, welcome to Ducati ownership and the forum, Iā€™m sure that other Multistrada owners will be along to welcome you.
Ducatis are far more reliable than they used to be!

[size=150]Welcome Matt. Have fun on your Multi. Check out the Dorset branch, and try to get along to their meets.[/size]