hi all

hi all, yet another newbie! :smiley: look forward to getting to know you all (well the good guys anyway!) and lots of advice.
I live in west london, noticed another from these parts on here so will try and track em down.
I have a 748 bp owned for about 5 years now but im a very bad man and left it outside under a cover for over a year and the weather took its toll quite badly :frowning: BUT im in the process of giving it the mother of all birthdays so hopefully she and all ducatisti will forgive me. Will post some pics of her and progress (which will be quite slow!) when i learn how to navigate this site bit better as im no computer guy! Cheers

hiya matey.
welcome aboard.

hi from sunny arbroath
iv a 1995 748 bp…great bikes

Hi and welcome, chizel, you’ll meet lots of like-minded people here. Hope to see you at Horsham Piazza Italia 7 ‘Il sette bello’.

As long as you put it back you will be ok !!!

Nice to have you hear, get some pictures of it, be nice to see the transformation !!