Hi all,

Hello every one. I’ve just joined the forum and the club as well.

I’m mature, started riding well before I was sixteen and have now held a full bike licence for almost fifty three years. Did a little production racing on a Triumph Bonneville in the sixties.

I’ve had lots of bikes but never a Ducati, though I’ve always admired their style and design.
Since November I’ve had a new Supersport S on order, I’m hoping for delivery late March early April. I already traded my BMW R1200RS in for the new bike. Even at my age I’m very excited about the new bike, finding it increasingly difficult being bikeless.
I’m from NW Leicestershire. Steve

Hello and welcome, check out the East Midlands branch and other local branches, looking forward to seeing the Supersports on the road.

Thanks Martyn, very much looking forward to the new bike.
Four of us are having a factory tour and museum visit the second week of march. Hoping to see some Supersports in production.

You should do, take membership card and the tours are great, covers cost of membership, where are you staying, let me know if you need any help.

My pal has booked us in at the Amadeus.
Boy, am I looking forward to it, I just love Italy and in particular Italian food and wine. My diets definitely on hold while we are there.
We arrive mid morning on the Wednesday and have our tour booked for 11.00am on the Thursday, flying out Friday evening. So if you can recommend other stuff to do it would be appreciated.

We are considering hiring a car and going to Tavullia.

You are in the right area, bar on corner the four cats, really good and club banner in the window, nice cafe on opposite side of road, night cafe or something, beer and free snacks, outside your hotel get a bus going left, number 13 into the city, every 10 mins or so, la Stella pizzeria on your side of street very good, bar in Amadeus is cracking as well.

And hello from me. I’ve stayed at the Amadeus (in Bologna) quite a few times, you’ll enjoy the hospitality and the Museum tour at the Ducati factory.

The four cats Xmas 2016
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[size=150]Welcome Steeve,
Hope you enjoyed the factory tour, and the four cats!